2024 Stewardship Letter

“Gracefully abundant – This is who we are and this is what we are about.”

September 24, 2023

Actions speak louder than words.” How many hundred, if not thousand, times have we seen this phrase used to better understand a person’s priorities, actions, motivations, etc? The reason why actions speak louder than words is that it’s very easy to say something, but quite another to do it.

Our Parish does not just say nice things or daydream about what is possible. Nor, is the sharing that happens within our missions and ministries done to be noticed by others. We do it because that is what God calls us to do because out of God’s love for us, God calls us to share in God’s work of transformation responsibly, sensitively and thoughtfully – some might say gracefully – to steward the parts of God’s abundance entrusted to both our Parish and to each of us personally during our lives, for the benefit of God’s people and creation.

God’s graceful abundance is poured out daily on us and – with your help – on those we come alongside of and serve and is manifested through our Parish’s many ministries, including: Altar Guild, Chalice Bearers, Christian Education and Formation for Children and Adults, Dinner on Us, Vacation Bible School, The Friendly Pantry, The Friendly Closet, Akron Pride, National Night Out Against Crime, Trunk or Treat, and the list goes on.

Our Parish also demonstrated its values and priorities through the decision many years ago to remain where we have been for over 130 years in Akron’s West Hill neighborhood, working to share God’s graceful abundance with the residents of our neighborhood in ways that make a positive impact on the quality of their day-to-day lives.

However, it is impossible for our Parish to share God’s graceful abundance without your commitment of time and financial resources. The unmet needs of our neighborhood and world continue to grow, and can only be met through our action together, which is why we respectfully ask you to consider an increased commitment (as you are able) of your time and your financial resources so that we can continue to do and to be about the work of sharing God’s graceful abundance with God’s people and creation.

As we each pray and discern God’s call to each of us to share the part of God’s abundance entrusted to us with our Parish in 2024, please listen for and be open to doing new things to share God’s graceful abundance and to providing our Parish, as you are able, the necessary annual and special support so that we can continue to do and be about the work of sharing God’s graceful abundance.


Mo .Debra Q Bennett (ex officio)Kevin MetzVicki SmithJim Simon

The Stewardship Committee

P.S. This year, you will continue to be able to make your pledge either online or by paper, depending on your preference. As you prayerfully consider your annual pledge, we ask that pledges be received by Sunday, November 5, 2023 to allow us the time we need to prepare and submit our Parish’s annual budget for the Vestry’s consideration.