Preparing for a New Season of Life: 2020 Stewardship

Dear Friends, 

This year, Advent at Church of Our Saviour feels especially holy to me. As we prepare for the birth of our Saviour, it seems to me that we are also preparing for a new season of life in our beloved parish. Our congregation is thriving, new friends are finding their way to our doors for worship and fellowship, and our building and our ministries are a shining light for the people of the neighborhood where we have made our home for 125 years. 

In this season of preparation, we can catch a glimpse of God’s future more joyful than any we could have imagined. To make that future real at Church of Our Saviour will require prayerful financial contributions from all of us that will allow us to balance our parish operating budget. 

As you make your homes and yourselves ready to welcome the Baby Jesus, please pledge your 2020 financial support to our beloved Church of Our Saviour by the fourth Sunday in Advent, December 22. You can find a pledge form online, or pick up a paper copy at church on Sunday.

Thank you for your commitment to our parish home and our participation in the mission and ministry of God. Sincerely, Jim SimonStewardship Chair