God is Seen: a Choral Concert

You are invited to join the Church of Our Saviour Chancel Choir on Saturday June 15th at 7:00 p.m. for an evening of joyous music and spiritual reflection. “God is Seen” is a musical exploration that aims to seek the divine in the world around us–in ourselves, in nature, and in our fellow mankind. Especially in the troubled times in which we live, music is a force for unity, solace, and perspective. The Church of our Saviour Chancel Choir is proud to present an uplifting and personal musical reflection on these themes, featuring guest singers and instrumentalists from the NE Ohio area, and music by some of the great modern composers including Alice Parker, Ola Gjielo, and Moses Hogan, and culminating with a masterwork of the Baroque period: “Gloria” by Antonio Vivaldi. Please join us after the concert for refreshments in the main hall.