Property Committee Launches Recycling, Sustainability Plan

The Property Committee has entered into a partnership with Summit ReWorks. ReWorks offers organizations in Summit County a solution for diverting waste away from trash cans and into single stream recycling bins.

Three recycling containers have been placed around the church to assist us in sorting the trash that can be recycled from that which will be placed in a landfill. With single stream recycling, we can place all recyclable material in the same container. The following items can be recycled through the ReWorks program:

Rigid plastics:  beverage containers, cups, yogurt containers, milk jugs, laundry detergent, containers

Aluminum cans

Steel or bi-metal cans:  soup cans, tuna cans, pet food containers, aerosol cans

Glass jars and bottles (any colors)

Paper products:  newspaper, junk mail, telephone books, magazines, cardboard, chipboard, tissue boxes

Cartons:  beverage cartons (milk, juice, broth)

These items are not accepted:  plastic bags; plastic wrappers, stretch wrap, or film; plastic utensils; all Styrofoam products (cups, plates, trays, food packaging); plastic toys; aluminum foil; shredded paper; books; mirrors; cookware; light bulbs; waxed cardboard; beverage pouches.

Please help us reduce our environmental footprint by using the new recycling containers.

Increasing recycling is the second sustainability activity the Property Committee has adopted this year. Several months ago, the group adopted a practice of replacing light bulbs with more efficient bulbs. The next activity involves examining the feasibility of composting at the church.

If you are interested in any of these activities, please consider joining the Property Committee. Please see Mike Kemp (chair), Chris Meyer, Ray Boswell, Mike Smith, Kathi Kassinger, or Jennifer Boswell to learn more, or ask the office for more information.